About Research Group

The development and use of highly efficient energy systems are a matter of urgency, because the exhaustion of petroleum resources and the resultant economic instability are a call to action. The problem is conspicuous in our country since it depends heavily on the import of petroleum. Studies are being carried out in the Division of Ecosystem Research and the Advanced EC Device Research Division, on the development and testing of an electrochemistry device for commercialization purposes.
The United Nations has set 17 targets as global SDGs, and these targets are indispensable for future technical development. The following two relate to our research group:
SDG 7: "Ensure access to affordable, reliable, sustainable, and modern energy for all."02
SDG 12: "Ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns."
In our research group, we will study the development and environment-friendly use of new energy, following a product of the Advanced EC Device Research Division, on electrochemical devices, hydrogen energy, heat energy, and light energy.
Our research group consists of two teams: the research team for energy transformation and the research team for energy storage. The research team for energy transformation takes charge of the development of technology and materials for the generation and transformation of energy. The research team for energy storage takes charge of the development of technology and materials on the storage and utilization of energy. Both teams cooperate mutually with the aim of building a system for the generation, transformation, storage, and utilization of energy. When an advanced energy device is created, its development is accelerated by cooperation between group members beyond the limit of their specialty and research fields, to overcome current problems and improve the fundamental knowledge level among group members, furthering collaboration.
Based on "Only at TUS", a researcher on the front line participating in this research should be able to accumulate information and technological know-how from scholars in the various fields and achieve high technical development and originality.
A characteristic feature of our research group is the inclusion of the “Sustainable Energy Systems and Materials” course from the Graduate School of Science and Technology curriculum. The participation of both students and teachers is indispensable for the development of new materials and systems. We plan to hand-down technology and knowledge from generation to generation through research proceeds of students who carry the science and technology of the next generation, and we plan for an aggressive exchange between students and teachers in order to achieve the goal of this research group early.